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Creekside Elementary!

Hey Creekside Elementary patients and parents!! We hope “Run the Creek” & “Creekfest” are a huge success this Friday! Have fun! Don’t forget to bid on Dr. Hughes’ NEW PATIENT GIFT CERTIFICATE!! 😉
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Paint the Path Pink Walk and 5K Run!

Get out this Saturday morning and join us to support the 6th annual Paint the Path Pink Walk and 5K run at Mitchell Intermediate. Proceeds benefit the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade. We want to see our patients from Mitchell, Galatas, Buckalew, Powell and Bush..So come out and support a wonderful cause!!    
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1st Place Best of the Woodlands!!

A HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful patients and parents who voted for Todd Hughes as the BEST Orthodontist in The Woodlands! We got our three-peat!!
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Timing is Everything In Orthodontics When Treating Children in The Woodlands and Spring TX…

Orhtodontist Dr. Todd Hughes in The Woodlands and Spring TX specializes in the movement of teeth and correction of adverse jaw growth problems. Evaluating and diagnosing each individual patient’s dental development, presents a slightly different challenge for an orthodontist. There are many factors at work and different approaches that can be used. In severe situations, permanent tooth…
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Don’t Rush Mother Nature When Moving Teeth in The Woodlands and Spring TX….

We have all heard the saying “patience is a virtue.” However, as human beings… we want, what we want, when we want it. Unfortunately, most things worth having do not come easily without time and effort and when it comes to a successful orthodontic result, you can’t rush “Mother Nature.” Understanding the physiology of the…
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  Please vote for Todd Hughes DDS MS PA as the BEST Orthodontist. We can’t win if you don’t vote! We are going for a THREE-PEAT! Go to our Facebook page or Click Here for the Woodlands Online link to Vote!  
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There Are Many Benefits of Straight Teeth in The Woodlands and Spring TX…

There are many reasons why people want straight teeth. Not the least of these is the fact that crooked teeth are not the most attractive feature. While a nicely aligned smile can be the part of your looks that pulls everything else together, a crooked smile can draw attention away from an otherwise striking appearance.…
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Did Your Smile Make You Happy in The Woodlands and Spring TX in 2012?

The American Association of Orthodontics recently completed a study in 2012 that reported more than 1/3 of US adults are unhappy with their smile. Are you one of them? If so, 2013 is the year to do something about it!! What better New Years Resolution can you promise yourself or someone you love than a…
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