2019 Teacher of the Year Award

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry about your favorite teacher this year!  It’s always a tough decision to make because we know how hard teachers work throughout the school year.  With two nominations, Science teacher from Wilkerson Intermediate, Mrs. Park is our Hughes & Cozad Teacher of the Year for 2019!

After reaching out to Wilkerson to arrange the presentation, our team learned that Mrs. Park will be retiring this year.  She has taught science for over 40 years!  Mrs. Park told us that it was a true honor to be selected as our Teacher of the Year and she can’t wait to go shopping!

In the award presentation both Elise L. and Tatiana T., the two nominators, shared aloud their submission to Mrs. Park.

Dr. Hughes and members of our staff went along to present Mrs. Park with her award and gift.  Fun fact: Dr. Hughes was a student at Wilkerson Intermediate!

Tatianna’s brother and sister, Caleb and Summer, along with Cassie also had Mrs. Park as a teacher!  Their being there made the morning super special!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination for your favorite teacher!  This year we had two runner up submissions from Hank H. and Emma K.  Each teacher receives a letter from us stating that they were nominated for our contest along with the submission from the student.  We feel that it’s important for each teacher to know that they are appreciated and made a difference in the lives of their students!