Want to speed up your treatment and stay on the path? Following the right eating habits and having the proper diet can get you out of the woods in no time. Foods that need cleaning off your braces may lead to discoloration and decay of your teeth. Even though your braces and wires are metal, they are fragile and can break or bend from the foods listed below, or you can click the button below to download the Orthodontics Diet Chart.

NON-TRAIL APPROVED SNACKS Remember, this list does not include every single food to avoid. Steer clear from the hard or sticky foods on the picnic blanket. Use your best judgment when eating to stay away from broken brackets. This will help eliminate extra appointments and shorten the length of time in braces.

Not recommended to add to your trail mix: sugary or acidic foods. These types of foods can cause cavities and permanent stains on your teeth. Sugary foods include candy (except sugar-free), cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, soft drinks. etc. Acidic foods include oranges and orange juice, lemons, limes, and soft drinks. You should limit your intake of these types of foods to avoid cavities or permanent stains on your teeth. If you do eat these foods, be sure to brush immediately afterward to get the sugar or acids off your teeth.


Owlbert does have some tricks up his sleeve to help you on your journey:

Cut meat off of the bone and fruit and vegetables into small bite-size pieces. Gum is allowed as long as it is sugarless.


Brush after every meal including snacks. If you are unable to brush, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water or chew a piece of sugarless gum.