5 Reasons Summer is Perfect to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Summer is one of the most popular times to begin orthodontic treatment!  With class out for the summer, there is no need to worry about patients missing school for consultation and bonding appointments.  The goal of our consultation is to provide a comprehensive exam.  If treatment is recommended, the process will be explained and the bonding or scanning appointment will be scheduled.  Often times this can be done in the same day for your convenience.  The consultation and bonding appointments are two of the longest appointments during treatment.

Starting orthodontic treatment in the summer allows for a longer period of adjustment as the patient gets accustomed to braces or orthodontic appliances.  During the summer break patients will have time getting comfortable saying certain sounds or practicing their instruments with their appliances.  This additional time also allows for preparing mouth guards for fall sports.

When braces or new appliances are added, patients will need to learn to care for them.  The more flexible schedule in summer allows for patients to create a good foundation of habits in brushing their appliances and storing their aligners while eating.

The months off of school allow for patients to adjust to eating with their braces.  Following the right eating habits and sticking to the list of foods they can and cannot eat during this time will ensure they make wise choices for snacks and lunches when school resumes in the fall.

Lastly, when a patient gets a new set of braces or goes through an adjustment their teeth may be sore and the brackets may cause some irritation to the inside of their cheeks.  Summer time allows for the patient to be at home close to a freezer full of their favorite frosty treats to soothe their sore teeth!  Ice cream, frozen yogurts and smoothies are just what the doctor ordered!

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cozad, this is it!  Call us at 281-681-1118.