Back to School with Braces

It’s that time of year when backpacks once again see the light of day and alarm clocks get set way earlier than we remember them being the year before!  It’s time to start another year of school!  While gathering all of the necessary supplies for class, make sure to include the following items to be kept in your backpack or locker:Every new patient who is outfitted with braces receives these items in a care bag on that first appointment.  Each of these items play an important role in keeping teeth healthy during the school day.  Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cozad encourage their patients to take a few minutes each lunch break to brush their teeth after eating.  If time runs short, the doctors suggest chewing a piece of sugar free gum to help freshen up!

For patients who have Invisalign trays or retainers, Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cozad highly recommend that all aligners and retainers get placed inside the case provided during appointments instead of a wad of napkins during lunchtime!  Using the case ensures that aligners won’t accidentally get tossed in the trash.  {And Mom & Dad would really appreciate it if those aligners made it home each day on your teeth!}

Not quite sure where the contents of the care bag have gone or can’t find the retainer case?  No worries!  Contact our office and we’ll be happy to supply you with what you need!

From all of us at Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics, we wish you the very best in the new school year!