Our Patient Emergency Line

You’re having a fun night out with family and friends when all of a sudden a chicken nugget gets stuck up under your expander.  You’ve tried everything and it’s just not coming out.  You start freaking out a little because it’s uncomfortable and you begin to think you’ll have nugget breath forever.  What do you do?

Take a deep breath and call our Patient Emergency Line.

You’re out at the ball fields, gearing up for a great game to take down the competition.  While warming up and joking with friends a ball comes out of no where making contact with your face.  Your teeth are hurting and feel loose.  What do you do?

Take a deep breath and call our Patient Emergency Line.  

Our emergency line is available any time outside of business hours.  To keep it simple, it’s our very same day time telephone number: (281) 681-1118.  Leave a detailed message with the patient’s name and date of birth, a summary of the situation and a call back number.  Our on-call team will receive an alert and phone you back.

Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cozad encourage patients to call our emergency line when there are urgent questions, when the patient is in extreme pain or discomfort and when the patient may have experienced trauma to the mouth.

Here are a few tips and tricks that we suggest you reference before calling the Patient Emergency Line.

What do I do when in the case of a broken bracket? Please wait until business hours to schedule an appointment.

What if I have a pokey wire?  Try placing some wax on the wire to alleviate irritation.  If this does not help, use a pair of fingernail clippers to clip the extra wire.  Please call during business hours to schedule an appointment.

What do I do when one of the rubber band hooks is bothering me?  Use the eraser end of a pencil and gently push the hook into a more comfortable position.

What if I have lost my retainer?  Please call us during business hours to order a new retainer.

What do I do if I swallow a bracket?  Please call us during business hours as the only thing to be done is replace the missing bracket.  This too shall pass!

Our Patient Emergency Line is one of the many ways that Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics aims to go above and beyond for our patients.  No matter what time or what day, we are always here make sure we offer the highest level of care that we can.