Brushing + Braces

Now that you have braces, the best thing you can do to maintain healthy teeth is continue brushing three times daily and sticking to a routine of visiting your dentist for cleanings every six months.  

At every appointment with Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics, our patients receive a score from one to five on how thorough they are with brushing with 5 being “You must’ve just come from the dentist!” and 1 being “Are you sure you own a toothbrush?”  For patients who struggle to maintain dental hygiene at an ideal level, Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cozad may recommend increasing the frequency of dental cleanings to be every three months.

Once a dental cleaning has been scheduled, feel free to call our office to make appointments to remove and replace your wires before and after the dental cleaning.  In most cases we are able to see the patients for both appointments the same day as the dental cleaning.  Removing wires before your dental cleaning is not necessary but it is something little that goes the extra mile to keeping your pearly whites nice and healthy!

While regular cleanings with your dentist are important, nothing can replace the routine of brushing your teeth at home and rinsing with fluoride when needed.  While brushing three times a day is super important we understand it can be tricky to always brush after lunchtime.  In those cases, rinse your mouth with water and never skip brushing at night!